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The importance of regular pest control for homes and businesses
Tuesday, June 14th 2022, 1:35 PM

Habitat Pest Control: Reasons why property owners should invest in regular pest control

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Why should you choose Habitat Pest Control for regular pest control?

Ants, earwigs, bees, millipedes, centipedes, crickets, spiders, rats, mice, moles, birds, roaches, and fleas, causing a nuisance in your home or commercial property? Pests inside a home or office can make life very unpleasant, not to mention the threat of diseases and other related damages they cause. Habitat Pest Control, a pest control company in San Jose, California, discusses the importance of regular pest control in homes and commercial spaces.


The importance of regular pest control

Removing any pest from the home, garage, or commercial space is crucial to maintaining the inhabitants' health, safety, and hygiene. 

1. Prevent diseases: A few random bugs, insects, and spiders are not a cause of concern, but their infestation can bring diseases and bacteria. These pests easily contaminate surfaces with their body parts, excreta, and hairs.

Mice carry hantavirus, which is fatal for humans, while mosquitoes can cause West Nile Virus or Zika. Bird droppings’ acidic nature damages buildings and causes respiratory diseases such as histoplasmosis and salmonella. Bugs from these droppings can be sucked into ventilators and air conditioning units, spreading diseases throughout the building.

Controlling the presence of these pests is essential to preventing diseases. 

2. Property damage: Many pests such as rodents, termites, and carpenter ants can cause severe property damage. At the same time, carpet beetles and silverfish can feed on all organic fiber and destroy couches, photographs, insulation, and clothing if not stopped in time.  

3. Food safety and hygiene: Pest control is crucial in homes and food businesses. At home, Indian meal moths and house ants can feast on the stored food and leave behind their excreta and bacteria, making the food unsafe for consumption. Aphids can infest the fruits and vegetables in the gardens and prevent their proper growth. In food businesses, kitchens are often plagued by pests such as rodents and cockroaches that eat scraps and pose severe hygiene issues.

4. Peace of mind: With pests lurking in corners, damaging property, causing diseases, and corrupting food, the inhabitants are likely to feel disturbed. It is not a pleasant experience to watch pests scurry around a house or office. 

5. Inadequate DIY: Pest control services are also crucial because store-bought remedies cannot remove the pest threat from the root. A professional team will find the source and eliminate it properly, reducing the likelihood of a recurrence.

Property owners must invest in regular pest control to keep a home or office clean and safe. Any sign of pests must not be ignored, and immediate professional attention should be given to prevent further damage. 

Why Habitat Pest Control?

Habitat Pest Control is one of the leading local pest control companies in the Bay Area. With its integrated use of non-chemical and natural pest control solutions for home and business owners, Habitat Pest Control eliminates pests while protecting the health and environment of the inhabitants. Here are some of its services:

  • Residential pest control to eliminate problems of all kinds in homes 
  • Commercial pest control that is customized for restaurants and offices 
  • Integrated pest management that offers long-term prevention of the issues with an ecosystem-based strategy

For eco-friendly, safe, and effective pest control methods with written, guaranteed results in San Jose, California, contact Habitat Pest Control at (408) 922-9898 or email info@habitatpest.com.

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