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The conception of Habitat Pest started from an idea that eco-friendly, safety and effectiveness are not just merely a philosophy but an actual reality. Our target is to get rid of those unwanted pest while protecting the environment through the use of integrated pest management.

Habitat Pest Control the local leading pest control company in Bay Area that integrates the use of non-chemical and natural pest control solutions for home and business owners whilst protecting your health and environment.

Mission Statement

Habitat Pest Control strives to be the leading local pest control company in the Bay Area providing Integrated Pest Management solutions for home and business owners.

Top 5 reasons to choose Habitat Pest Control

  1. We are able to use ECO-exempt products that is based on botanical actives;

  2. We have over 10 years experience in pest control business;

  3. We deliver prompt, same-day service in the South Bay Area;

  4. We provide special services for gophers, moles, bees and yellow jackets; and

  5. We are locally owned and operated.


Minh Hong
Habitat Pest Control

2530 Berryessa Road
San Jose, CA, 95132, United States

E-Mail minhhong.habitat+w4bP@gmail.com

Phone (408) 922-9898


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